We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation, systems maintenance and repair lifting and its components; including elevators, parking systems, escalators and moving walks.

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Explore new heights with Alamex! Discover our range of elevators designed for every need. From residential lifts that add elegance to your home to cutting-edge commercial solutions. Ready to elevate your experience? Click to uncover our innovative elevators

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Parking Systems

Optimize limited spaces with Alamex. Our parking systems are designed to deliver exceptional efficiency, transforming even the smallest spaces into functional and elegant areas. Click now to explore our parking system solutions!


Escalators & Moving Walks

Explore Alamex's innovation in escalators and moving walkways. Our advanced solutions enhance urban mobility with efficiency and style. Dive in now to transform the pace of urban life

Spare parts

Spare parts

Our spare parts meet the highest quality standards. Discover excellence in every detail with Alamex, where we provide quality, safety, and the latest technology

Why Alamex? 

Great Quality   quality

Up to 2 years warranty.

International Quality International Quality

Compliant with EN-81 regulations and EU directive 95/16/EC.

Delivery Agreement   Delivery Agreement

Delivery times of up to 8 months, according to project needs

Updated Catalog Updated Catalog

Choose from our wide variety of cabins, panels, parts and much more

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