Quote Robotic Parking Systems

Alamex potentially satisfy all operating needs

Materials such as galvanized, epoxy covered with steel sheets or stainless steel that can be used depending on the requirements of each project.

These cabins can be used 

In heavy industrial applications, warehouses, supermarkets, parking lots, hospitals and shopping centers.  

Vertical Parking

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Using the "know how"

In hydraulic elevation, Alamex has entered the growing car lift market. The objective is to offer a complete range of equipment that provides total solutions for access to the parking area by means of elevation, rotation or lateral displacement and to increase the possibilities of parking using elevators.

The Alamex automized parking systems are ideal for commercial, public and residential use, especially for buildings with limited space, where parking positions are insufficient.

They are equipped with hydraulic lifting cylinders and ropes, in combination with mechanical interlocks, making them safer and more durable for long-term use.

Multiple parking spaces, using all available construction height.

Increase parking space, provide additional potential construction.

Low installation cost, does not need additional construction.

Ideal for limited construction areas in addition to reducing pollution.

Car Lift

Quote Car Lift

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Load capacity up to 3,000 kg. 

Lifting speed up to 0.15 m/sec.

Displacement up to 12 m.  

Admits the driver.

Automatic call to the outside.

Constant pressure warning inside.

Security mechanism.

Piston rupture valve.

It complies with the machine standard 2006/42/EC.


Nominal Load  

2.000 KG 2.500 KG 3.000 KG
Platform Depth FP(mm) 
5.000-5.500 5.000-5.500 5.000-5.500
Platform Width  AP (mm) 2.100-2.500 2.100-2.500 2.100-2.500

tottal platform Depth (mm)

FP +50 FP +50 FP +50
shaft Depth (mm)  FP + 125 FP + 125 FP + 125
Shaft Width (mm) AP + 500 AP + 500 AP + 500
minimum Pit (mm) 350  350 350
Free height Over Head (mm) 2.600 2.600 2.600


Following the policy of quality chosen since the creation of the company, Alame produces a wide range of hydraulic lift packages, applications ranging from elevators for cars, panoramic elevators for automobiles and large elevators for forklifts and tower car parking.

In accordance with the directive of elevators 95/16/EC, regulations En - 81, regulation  PUBEL PB 10-558-03 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

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It has

The capacity range of 20,000 kg

Route of up to 28 meters (10 stops)

Low noise level and smooth operation

Rigid structure

Standard and automatic emergency operation

Machine room anywhere with enough space for the bucket


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