Lift Modernization

RenAlam is an elevator modernization technology

with low energy consumption and minimum maintenance. 

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Safety is first

Alamex carries out modernizations of traction and hydraulic elevators in accordance with standards EN-81-80 (Safety standards for existing elevators).

In the elevator redesign process, the company installs a wide range of security options to ensure that the system is 100% safe.

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Flexible System

RenAlam is a flexible system that allows Alamex specialists an effective and adequate planning, ensuring the completion of the project in a short term, avoiding complications for residents.

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Unlimited design

 For Alamex, when it comes to design, there are no limits to the imagination. Specialists aspire to provide an exceptional elevator design according to the required preferences.

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Going Up Together

RenAlam optimizes the trip (by replacing specific parts), resulting in greater passenger satisfaction, placing the most technologically advanced components, Alamex manages to increase the lifespan of an elevator.

Towards sustainability

The company incorporates environmentally friendly features in the manufacturing process, updating energy saving systems. 

That is, using inverter devices for lifting motors, which leads to lower energy consumption.


Benefits of modernizing your elevators

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Better performance

Modernization is equal to benefit and savings, an elevator updated with new technology can operate in standby mode during idle intervals or under traffic, cabin lighting and air fan is automatically put to rest when not in use, It also uses efficient LED lighting to minimize energy consumption.

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Increase life cycle

The quality of travel is improved with a smoother acceleration, as well as a silent operation, they are the most important attributes that result from the modernization process. By placing the most technologically advanced components, Alamex manages to increase the lifespan of an elevator.

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Alamex cabins are durable and spacious. RenAlam ensures that the elevator complies with international legal obligations, guaranteeing improved access for people with needs special according to EN-81-70 and vandal-proof requirements according to EN-81-71.


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