Elevator modernization

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safety first

Alamex carries out modernizations of hydraulic and traction lifts in accordance with standards EN-81-80 (safety standards for existing lifts).

In the elevator redesign process, the company installs a wide range of security options to ensure that the system is 100% secure.

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Flexible system

Alamex have a flexible system that allows  specialists effective and adequate planning, ensuring the completion of the project in the short term, avoiding complications for residents.

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Unlimited design

 For Alamex, when it comes to design, there are no limits to the imagination. Specialists aspire to provide an exceptional elevator design according to the required preferences.

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Ascending together

Alamex optimizes the trip (by replacing specific parts), resulting in greater passenger satisfaction, by placing the most technologically advanced components, Alamex manages to increase the lifespan of a lift.

Benefits of modernizing your elevators

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It is a quick way to improve the elements of a computer to ensure optimal operation and security, as well as provide a better experience for users.

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Through modernization, a piece of equipment can extend its useful life for up to 15 years, working optimally and comfortably.

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Modernizing equipment allows savings in maintenance costs, replacement of spare parts and reduces electricity consumption by approximately 35%.


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