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Spare parts for elevators

Spare parts for elevators

Modernization kit for traction elevators

Many traction elevators in use exceed the life cycle for which they were designed and present limits to the operation, in most cases this is dangerous.  

Our engineering department offers a particularly competitive modernization solution that is appropriate for the proposed installation and offers customers continuity, high level of functionality and aesthetics, using the following components in combination.

Alamex speed motor.


Complete emergency operation.

Chassis and counterweight brake.

Safety components (door components, mechanical and electrical, speed governor, a buffer for the pit, overload sensor).                                                              

A microprocessor for the control panel.


Cabin operation panels and stops.


Cabin with a variety of decorative finishes.


Steel cable, traveler cable.



Alamex machines, have a vvvf system, high or low speed that reduces noise and vibration, giving long life to lifting equipment.

Traction equipment

The development of electrical technology.

In the field of frequency control of electric motors (VVVF) Alamex create a new advantage in the application of traction elevators. Mainly applied in cases where long trips and high speeds were required, therefore, smooth operation, great leveling and precision stop.

The handling mechanism in combination with the chassis and the rest of the components comprise a particularly reliable and functional mechanical assembly. 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


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Gearless Machine

High level system that consists in using permanent magnets for its operation where the force transmission is applied directly.
It is a machine with great power that allows energy savings of up to 40%. Thanks to its compact structure, the Alamex gearless machines allow to optimize the spaces without neglecting the excellent functionality.
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Hydraulic pump

cooling system that prevents heating of the oil inside the piston, which increases the life cycle of the lifting system.
Work with low noise levels, standard, automatic and emergency operation


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