Control Systems

 Our control systems are manufactured with high level quality Almex. Produced in a modular way with cards that integrate all the possible functions of the elevator, thus avoiding the installation of additional hardware

Operation VVVF

Special attention has been given to the development of VVVF controls.

The advantages of this technology are:

Environmentally friendly due to its low energy consumption.

Optimum engine output even at low RPM.

Smooth motor start and low starting current.

Effective acceleration and deceleration control of comfortable movement.

Position and speed of the elevator and precise ground leveling, with the use of encoder.

Protects the motor against high voltage and electric shocks.

Emergency operation completely automatic.

Elimination of electrical noise from the engine.

Pre-assembled electrical installation.

Easy installation

Free programming

Adaptive system

Simple maintenance in the programming menu

Clock with real time and date

Compatible with any type of variator

Special software for safe access to the elevator

Built with a phase sequence controller

Ready to use installation

Certified and permanently trained staff

Easy stop of future power failures

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