Alamex Certifications

Ascending for your safety

Committed to our values ​​and quality in products and services, Alamex  remains attached to the Official Mexican Standards as well as maintains constant training with each of its collaborators, resulting in a team prepared to provide solutions in lifting systems.

NOM 053 SCFI 2000

Electric traction elevators for passengers and cargo.


Prevention in lifting heavy loads.


Safety conditions for working at height.


Maintenance of electrical installations in the workplace. Safe conditions.


Safety conditions for carrying out work in confined spaces.


Safety-prevention and fire protection conditions in the workplace.


Protection systems and safety devices in machinery and equipment used in work centers.


Static electricity in work centers.

Official badge Made in Mexico

We have the "Made in Mexico" emblem, which ensures that in the territory of the United Mexican States our personnel, processes and methods meet the highest quality standards required by the country.