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About Alamex

It is an export-oriented company specialized in custom design, development, manufacture, and distribution of high technology lifting solutions.

Including elevators, lifting components, parking systems, and escalators. Its export activity extends internationally, currently to more than 55 countries, including those located in Eastern and Northern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Alamex is a well-organized elevator manufacturer that incorporates the critical functions of R&D and after sales, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, marketing, etc.

Quality Politics

Alamex is committed to the design, manufacture and supply of lifting systems of the highest quality and safety, through process management in a transparent and responsible manner; the search for innovative solutions with qualified human support, last generation technology, and controls in operation; as well as compliance with applicable regulatory requirements with the support of a continuous improvement system, to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Quality Objectives

  • Improve the quality of our products and services.

  • To growth our contribution to business competitiveness.

  • Increase the satisfaction of our clients.

  •  Make better use of existing resources.

  • Enhance the organizational environmen.


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Vision and principles

Continuously exceed the quality and service requirements of our clients, be disruptive, and increase our market share.


It is the treat we maintain with our partners to develop and maintain long-term collaborations. Dedicated to excellence in quality, we give our daily struggle to provide the best products and services.

We actively participate in the international events of the industry. We are always one step ahead, innovating continuously. We are obliged to satisfy the most demanding customer.

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We exist to deliver the best vertical transportation experience to our clients through our products and developments of high quality and safety, promoting the development of our collaborators and the growth of our shareholders.

With a manufacturing plant in Konya, Turkey, our headquarters located in Mexico City and having massive storage capacity, we have the necessary elements to achieve a large-scale expansion in Latin America, Canada and the United States in the sale of spare parts, installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators, escalators, parking systems and lifting mechanisms in general.

We have first world management systems that we improve day by day taking the paths of success and leadership always present, optimizing processes internally and externally.

The potential to be leaders in the world of elevators is a reality for us, that is why we attach great importance to the development of our personnel, customer service and strategic alliances with construction companies or other organizations to participate in private or public projects, also helping the general growth of society.

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To be responsible


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Work with quality


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Behave with honesty and respect


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Always innovate


Social responsabilitty

It is the commitment that Alamex has as a company for the benefit of all. We must understand the responsibility we have for our impacts on society.

Compliance with Laws

We adhere to the standards so that all the activities we carry out are of quality.

Environmental quality and safety

We are concerned that our processes do not affect our environment.

                                                                           Avoid Conflict of Interest            

Our processes in the flow of information must not put the interests of the client at risk.

International Trade Compliance

We are committed to meeting the quality standards of each place where we work.

Information, protection and confidentiality 

At Alamex we maintain the confidentiality of our clients' information.


We do not distinguish by age, origin or culture, we consider them strengths and elements that help the growth of our organization.


To provide a unique experience to our customers in each phase of the purchase process, whether of products or services through specialized management systems.

To innovate in the market of lifting systems and be leaders in it, always having competitive prices and exceeding the expectations of internal and external customers.

To contribute to our retail customers by providing technical manuals for the spare parts of elevators, escalators and parking systems, helping to boost the growth of the few existing organizations in the world of elevators.


To become a market leader in America through our customer service, cutting-edge technology, first world management systems, and competitive prices.

To be one of the best employers in America and an environmentally friendly company.

To cultivate and preserve a culture of excellence and humanity in our personnel focused on the improvement and growth of our organization.

Strategic advantages


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Specialization in research and development

Continuous consulting services to direct associates and distributors.  Integrated CRM systems for continuous and coordinated customer service.

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Technical support 24 hours for the installation and maintenance of the products

Skills in the international market, treatment and innovation for alternative needs and expectations.

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Integrated elevation solution, from the design to the placement

Customization: Design and manufacture according to the customer´s specifications.

Why choose us

Personal attention

The first thing we analyze is your particular situation and then develop with you the solution that best suits your needs.

Constant training

We believe in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do supporting growth for the benefit of our customers.


Because we have a commitment to quality and timely service, for the complete satisfaction of our customers and business partners.


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