Alam Touchless technology

Control the elevator from your smartphone

With Alam touchless technology you can have a safe journey in the elevator, experience a journey without the need to touch the buttons, just enter the QR with your smartphone, call the elevator and start your journey.

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New technology focused on the health and hygiene of users

Elevator Air Purifier

PHT technology can completely kill bacteria, molds, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms, break down toxic gases (such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and other olfactory gases), eliminate smoke odors, and deposit suspended particles.

  • After purification is complete, the purified air is converted to H20 and C02 free from contamination.

  • No special maintenance is required for PHT air purification during use, it guarantees its working period of 20,000 hrs.

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Cabin air sterilizer

Fully efficient disinfection and purification of air and elevator walls. 

  •  Its function is peaceful and silent for people who are in the elevator, allowing disinfection and purification in real time.

  • Ultra-slim design for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Intelligent biological recognition.

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UVC sterilization lamp for handrails

Designed to completely eliminate bacteria and viruses on escalators and moving platforms.

  •  Its function is peaceful and silent, allowing disinfection and purification in real time.

  • Ultraviolet light has a sterilization rate of 99%, eliminating the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

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