Vertical transport for people with different abilities
Alamex breaks paradigms in lifting systems
21 November, 2019 by
Vertical transport for people with different abilities
Elevadores Alamex S.A. de C.V.

Within the framework of Expo Cihac 2019 where the most outstanding innovations of the sector were presented, the Turkish-Mexican company of lifting systems for buildings and residences, Alamex, opted to present its elevators for people with different capacities.

This was explained by Yael Rodríguez, business development and human resources manager of Alamex elevators, who explained that, for the hall focused on the construction industry held in mid-October, the firm took to display this type of platform that is one of the most accessible and available options for domestic and commercial use that have the need to facilitate the mobility of people with different motor skills. "They are low cost and maintenance systems, compared to current elevators," he said.

This type of equipment has as an auxiliary objective in the transfer that goes from a small slope to the immediate floor and about it, the interviewee said: “This is very important because on many occasions the lifting companies focus on conventional elevators, for example , for commercial plazas. We know that elevators are required for people with different capacities in buildings and houses, especially. Sometimes architects plan and build four, five-level homes and never thought of the elevator and sometimes people who buy the house don't imagine that one day things can change; for example, they reach a certain age when they cannot climb easily and that is when an elevator must be installed.”

The Alamex spokesman added that the company currently has a manufacturing plant in Turkey and from Mexico City it provides attention to the entire American continent “also dedicated to offering general lifting systems, such as elevators, escalators, car lifts, In short, everything we upload is manufactured by us. We install, maintain and repair; We offer a large stock of spare parts, ”he explained. 

He informed that, to date, the company has participated in installations of all types of elevators such as: cargo, platforms for cars and elevators for passengers in all states of the Republic, with high demand in Cancun, Mexico City, State of Mexico, in the North of the country. “We have facilities in Barbados, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil; We recently installed a parking system in Miami. We have been in the market for a short time, but we have come to break with paradigms in the lifting industry, for example, we have a section for our clients where they can enter to see their quotes, projects, tasks, maintenance with 24/7 attention 365 days a year in an automated way ”.

Source: Revista EQUIPAR

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