Training endorsed by the STPS
Update on security standards
21 January, 2019 by
Training endorsed by the STPS
Elevadores Alamex S.A. de C.V.

Training for the company

With the participation of Counseling, training, prevention services, health care and through the "Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social", the Alamex operations team composed of technicians, engineers, mechanics, and assistants had the opportunity to receive training to obtain the Certification in Competition Standards, (DC3); Protection system for machinery and equipment, (NOM-004-STPS-1999); Safe work procedures, (NOM-006-STPS-2015); Safe conditions for work at heights (NOM-009-STPS-2011); Safety in work with electricity (NOM-022-STPS-2008); Works in confined spaces (NOM-033-STPS-2015). Alamex throughout its history has maintained a persistent dynamic of training and updating its workers at all levels; always with the aim of guaranteeing security, trust, and efficiency to the users; prioritizing topics of vital importance in the development and application of new technologies, as well as procedures for safe work.

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