Reforma Tower receive a reward as the best skyscraper in the world 2018
Architectural jewel in Mexico city
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Reforma Tower receive a reward as the best skyscraper in the world 2018
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When you think of skyscrapers, the first thing that comes to mind is cities like New York, Dubai, Shanghai or Tokyo, but this 2018 Mexico is also positioned on the international map with a skyscraper that was considered the best in the world when obtaining the International High Rise Award 2018.

The award-winning skyscraper is the Reforma Tower, which has positioned itself as an architectural jewel that is characterized by its innovation, which led it to obtain the highest level in the skyscraper category.

The building was designed by Mexican architect Benjamín Romano, who created a building thinking about features such as profitability, innovation and technology. The work was also achieved thanks to the use of the best construction materials in the Mexican market.

The Reforma Tower competed against other skyscrapers by renowned architects such as: Noman Foster, Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvell and César Pelli. The jury composed of engineers, architects and real estate agents nominated 36 works and then selected five finalists to finally award the maximum prize to Mexican construction.

The winning work is located in Paseo de la Reforma and is the tallest building in Mexico City. It has 246 meters high and also has certifications that accredit it as a construction with intelligent design, this allows it to generate savings of up to 25% of energy compared to other buildings of its type.

The Reform Tower is also characterized because 85% of the use of materials are of Mexican origin, this has an important impact on the carbon footprint, which is generated when materials are transported from other parts of the world.

The judges of the award highlighted that the Mexican skyscraper is distinguished by three characteristics:

  1. It meets the security requirements in Mexico City as it is a highly seismic zone.

  2. Satisfy 100% of the regulations in force regarding construction.

  3. Rescue the neo-Gothic house dating from 1929 and from which the entire building hangs.

In addition to the recognition obtained, the Reforma Tower heads an exhibition that will be mounted in Frankfurt, which will have information and images of the five finalist buildings. Attendees can enjoy the details that were carried out for the realization of the building that consists of two concrete walls that resemble the image of an open book.

This recognition is a sign that Mexican talent can compete in the world and that the construction industry has wide potential thanks to its quality.

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